Every Window Needs

Window Screens.

Telstar Window Service provides a large selection of screen frames, screen mesh, colors and hardware options to ensure you do not need to look anywhere else!

Window Frames

Premium Material

Manufactured in our local facility with quality first at the center of every piece we make.    Each of our frames are hand made to specifications, including size, color, type and mesh type and are always quality checked against our customer’s requirements.  

Telstar’s frames are sourced with high standards and quality.  A great example of this is our Premium Extruded Frame Bar shown here.  Premium extrusion has no folds and is about 4 times stronger then regular roll formed frames, with better water resistance and looks great too!

Screen meshes are, of course, the star of the show!   We offer a range of mesh types to suit your needs.  Our most popular is the Bettervue Standard mesh.  Learn about our mesh types to see what option is best for you or your client.

Screen Meshes